Through my eyes

October 25, 2011
I see grass, lush and green and soft. I see trees, tall and thick and some thin. I see the bunks, they've become home, they're warm and happy and comfortable. I see a flower, white and delicate and perfect. I see a stick, twisted and pale and bare.

And then I see people. Happy and sad. Laughing and crying. Beautiful and not.
All thinking different thoughts. Having different emotions. Feeling entirely different things than each other. But somehow they all end up talking and interacting and relating with each other. They all seem to accept what's on the surface and they don't try to see the real person behind the mask. What makes that person so happy? And the other sad? What about the beautiful people? Do they feel confident and beautiful? Do the others feel ugly or insecure? The people that are laughing, is it real joy or is it fake? Are those people truly happy? The people crying, why are they crying? Is it for attention? Is it because they're really and truly sad? What's wrong with them? Why doesn't anybody care? The people that I see, are any of them like me? Do they try to look deeper? When they do, does it change them in any way? Then, do they use the change to their advantage? What a waste if they don't. If you look deeper into a person, you'll understand people a lot more. You'll know why the caged bird sings. You'll see that some people are like you in many ways. Surprising ways. Looking under the surface helps you connect to a person and you can be so much closer to them that way. So try to look deeper. One day you'll strike gold.

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