Cold Souls

October 25, 2011
You were a cold soul
Only your skin was hot in fiery rage
The rest of you resided in a freezing cage
You were both day and night
For your love
I traded my treasure of sight
Then there we were
Blinded and stripped to the very rawness of our exploding souls
We were only beginning a treacherous walk on searing coals

As soon as you came, you left
You were gone and there was emptiness
I soon became aware
That I was a heart-broken , long before I had become addicted to your lustrous stare
But only then could I let the tears fall
And they were many to fall
You wouldn’t know
But so long ago
I was hurt by someone much more important to me than you
Clawing and biting before you left; that’s just what I expected you to do

I jumped into your arms
Trying to ignore the sirens of alarm
I ran swiftly off the cliff
I wanted to be free
In my own graveyard of memories
There I was and there I fell
Into your arms and under a spell
Forgetting the rules and playing a mere game
But the concept still stood true
Even When I did what I wanted to

“True love can only be found
When someone worth loving is around”

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