Be There

October 25, 2011
Here I am.
In Winter snow,
Here I am.
In Summer blow,

I am here,
I am there,
I guess you could say
I’m everywhere.

Time, to me, poses no threat.
Care for some midday tea?
How about a midnight snack?
I am not Time’s servant.
Time is mine.

If you have a friend
In need of help,
Be there for her.
Don’t let her yelp.

Be there.
In snow or blow.
Be there.
Be there.
Day or night.
Be there.
Her hand hold tight.

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sunshine7223 said...
Dec. 6, 2011 at 11:42 pm
WOW! This is truly amazing! Pure skill right here ^. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. :) I love how you repeat be there throughout the poem! :) FANTASTIC JOB!!!!!! :))))
ms.nerdalicious replied...
Dec. 6, 2011 at 11:43 pm
really? thanks! it was one of my first ones, and i wasn't really sure about it. Thank you so much!
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