October 25, 2011
By JadeAmp SILVER, Reno, Nevada
JadeAmp SILVER, Reno, Nevada
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The world turns
The sun slips below the horizon
The day gives way to the night
Shadows once lurking, rise
Howling into the empty darkness
Creatures come out to play

People sleep in humble homes
A safe haven from the world of demons

A dark wind spirals up towering trees
Making them dance to somber rhymes
Making them spin and twirl in a death dance
Stars shine down in epic glory
Illuminating the secrets of the damned
The only witnesses to the unfolding chaos

The world takes a deep breath
And releases its children

Crackling laughter from its deepest caves
Desperate snarls from its darkest forests
Echoing screams from its tallest mountains
A ring of inferno from within its very heart
They take to the land with uncaged fury
Rage that turns the night red
Rage that boils the very air

Cities fall beneath their awesome power
Animals flee to escape doomed fates

They traverse the land, crazed with blood thirst
Their minds twisted and ravaged
The night urges them on, spitting and biting

The world around is in flames
The sky blistering with fire
The soil soaked and tainted with blood
The oceans choppy surface churning with carnage
Towers of bone resurrected from the bowels of darkness
Empires to stand forth the coming day

The wind dies, fading back through the veil
The fires disappear, doused by a cold touch
A roar emanates deep from the earth’s heart
A savage, desperate cry

The sky comes to life, the horizon rimmed with gold
The domes howl and scream
They fade back into the forests and mountains
They creep back to their desolate halls and forgotten tombs
Leaving the world at mercy to a higher power
The stars retreat, pushing back to empty dimensions
The sun breaks over the horizon
Bathing the world in a deep, gold warmth
Cleansing the tainted air
Crumbling the towers to smoldering ash
And once again takes it places among the sky.

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JadeAmp SILVER said...
on Nov. 12 2011 at 2:54 am
JadeAmp SILVER, Reno, Nevada
5 articles 0 photos 1 comment
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