October 25, 2011
It all starts with me looking into those deep brown eyes. I go in a daze thinking about all we’ve been thru. What’s still left. Still looking in your eyes, I put my arms around your neck, pull you close to get a better, deeper look. You think I’m crazy for starring so long. I can’t help it. When I look into those deep brown eyes, I see the person I love. The person I’m falling for. Your brown eyes tell it all. I love the light brown and gray rings around the deep, dark brown. It’s hypnotizing, mesmerizing. I love to stare. Then we kiss. I stop breathing. I take a deep breath deep into our kiss. I pull away only to be pulled back in. in your arms I could stay forever. Knowing there will always be an “US” is enough for now. Your love is mesmerizing. I’m mesmerized by you. I love you.

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