October 26, 2011
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Memories fill my head as I walk through the door.
The smell is so familiar and the sight is so pleasing.
Rays of bright red and dark blue reflect off of my eyes
While shapes of extravagant furniture and spiraling objects accompany the room.
I make my way up the stairs and enter into a recognizable space.
The walls share stories of my past,
They whisper secrets that I have once shared.
Long lost friends suddenly appear wondering where I have been.
They begin to dance and sing like a famous ballet.
My old games emerge in the corner,
Games that I have once loved.
A joy takes over my body and I sit down to play
But something is missing
It is no longer the same.
My friends finally notice and sorrow fills their heart.
They say their good byes before disappearing into the dust.
I slowly get up and leave the old familiar room.
I walk back to my car;
I leave the memories and friends behind.
For now I am old,
I do not run and play.
My childhood is over
And so are the toys and games.

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