October 25, 2011
By Anonymous

At the eve of day three,
marveling at a lost cause,
and broken hard work.
with nothing more to show.
It was a waste…
A lifetime of faith circles BELOW me
At my feet, fallen men
Untouched by the foretold lampstands.
Sorrow is written on faces
of only the standing men.
HE is come.
My heart beats unfaithful worry.
And terror tremors breach through
my well kept stature.
But here, I can hide nothing from HIM.
The lie I lived only two days ago,
when I put pressure to my knees,
and prayed to a God,
who I really didn't know
has me broken,
but I STAND.
And continue my walk,
unscathed by the fruit of life.
So now I am too late.
Above all of His followers, I stand,
unable to endure the strikes;
my legs are of stone,
and I can't pour out fake faith.
The revelation begins to end;
at the beginning of the end,
when I should be kneeling.

The author's comments:
I spent several hours up reading the book of Revelations, in The Bible, one night. From that, I got...when Jesus comes back, all who follow and trust him as their savior, will kneel and begin to pray. All at once. Those who don't, will STAND and endure the wrath that is mentioned throughout the chapter.
My question, to you, is: When the time comes, and you have to face the life you chose to live, will you be kneeling, before God, or standing about the men, who kneel below you?

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