October 25, 2011
Sauntering into the room, almost undetected
Sliding in like a garden snake
It’s coming for me
A mix of deep blue and gray
Sulking by, sitting next to me
It’s coming
Its voice like a whisper in the wind, murmuring in my ear
Teasing me, taunting me, torturing me
It’s coming
Mumbling constantly, spilling out reminders
Moving closer, almost on top of me
It’s coming
Tears spring to my eyes but I can’t give in yet
Sitting on my lap, wrapping its arms around my neck
It’s coming
Final whispers of the said truth
Sinking in like anchors in my chest
It’s coming
Background fading away, I’m left alone with it
Nothing to distract me, nothing to comfort me
It’s coming
Reminders of the empty promises and lying smiles
The tears begin to burn my eyes, desperately wanting to flow freely
It’s here
And there’s nothing I can do to stop it
No one can hear me
No one can help me
It’s here
No one would want to hear me
No one would want to help me
It’s here
Biting my lip, I fight the tears
This can’t happen again
It’s here
Squirming around, I try to break free
The grasp it has on me much to strong
It’s here
I give in and begin to cry
The sad truth slithering into my brain
It’s here
I look around and see familiar faces
But no one’s there
It’s here
Trying to catch my breath, I wipe away the salty rivulets
I need to let it go
It’s leaving
I disentangle its arms from my neck
Push it off my lap
It’s leaving
Standing up, I walk away from it
Looking back, I see it sliding away
It’s leaving
Turning around, I smile as bright as I can muster
I won’t let it get the best of me
It’s gone
I’m not alone
For now

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