Purple Butterflies

October 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Purple butterflies fluttering their wings in a backyard,
Going towards a little girl who was quite scarred,
The girl’s name was Gwendolyn,
She carefully looked after them,
The cute violet butterflies could tell she had a brought a flower,
They had been waiting for her to come for an hour,
She gently patted their purple wings,
To them it felt like blessings…
Gwendolyn placed the flower near her hand,
They hopped on; obeying her command,
The butterflies ate the nectar because they had been waiting,
It had been quite a while since they ate anything,
The butterflies were childhood friends,
She is attached to them more than she tends,
Her honesty and simplicity reflected her feelings for them,
Gwendolyn’s personality was like a gleaming gem,
Oh how she sacrificed her holidays to look after her insect friends,
And she would always stand up to defend,
Butterflies meant more than little insects with wings flying around,
Gwendolyn knew them from deep down...

The author's comments:
I want feedback on this poem :D Please read it!!!

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