October 25, 2011
Why do you do this?
Are you purposely trying to hurt me?
I just don't understand anymore
You hurt me...
Whether you know it or not
I am hurt
You always have an excuse
But want to be with him
If you do, why stay with me
If you are only going to hurt me
Just leave

I don't know about us anymore
You are happy, then you're mad
Is it because of me?
Do I no longer make you happy?
Why not just say so?
Why not just leave?
Why continue to hurt me?
I remember all the times we had
Look back and remember the smiles

I look at the now and I see the fighting
I see the crying
I wonder why you stay
You talk about him
Why not go to him?
He seems to be the one that makes you happy
Not me

You say that I'm the one for you
You say we are meant to be together
Then you do this?
Please tell me why?

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