Life And Death

October 25, 2011
I feel deaths icy hands reaching for me
I see the light at the end of the tunnel
He slowly comes for me
Rope around my neck, face turning red

Thinking about my life and how it has been
Family gone, loves lost
No reason to live
Rope around my neck, face turning blue

I will death to come faster
I am ready to go
That is my destiny
Hoping it will end soon
No breaths left
Rope around my neck, slowly slipping off

Deaths face pressed against mine
Whispering the words
Saying it is my time
Rope around my neck, death face to face, rope almost off

Deaths icy grip around my very soul

Rope slides off
Your hand slides into mine
Saying all will be okay
Hoping it never happens again
Promising I will not do it again
Though you don't know it ever happened
For my life has just began
And my death has yet to come

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