Tick Tok

October 26, 2011
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Tick tok the clock goes
Time passing by slowly
The room is silent
Eyes staring at the long hand
Slowly ticking it's way to the number 12
It was the last day of school
Summer break on the horizon
Ready to reveal itself to us
The pressure was on
my friend looked to me and whispered
“Race you to my house”
“Your on” I said
We had the whole day planned
The day was full of tests
Very easy tests infact
I didn't care what I got, as long as I got the house first
The moments passing by
My hand ready to grab my backpack
The bag that was already packed and ready to go
I had prepared for this moment since this morning
I looked over and saw sweat pour down my friends forehead
I also started to sweat, the drop was cool to the touch
Cooling my skin as I rolled it's way down my face
All eyes were focused on the clock
“Tick tok” “Tick tok” “Tick tok”
Twenty seconds left
I already had my route planned
Out the door, immediate left and out the double doors
Freedom awaited me,
Already ten seconds have passed
I started to grip my bag tight, ready to jump out of my seat
The taste of freedom filled my mind
Four seconds left
The bell echoed throughout the school
The sounds of joy filled the halls
I ran out the door and freedom welcomed me with open arms
My friend soon followed

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