The Forgotten

October 25, 2011
By Vita4444 BRONZE, Chester, Connecticut
Vita4444 BRONZE, Chester, Connecticut
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As I breathe in the nights air it chills my lungs.
It dances on my skin and soothes my thoughts.
I gaze out to find the stars I long to see
but all have buried themselves under the nights blanket.
My dream of watching the stars shine and twinkle under the moons magical glow has vanished
Instead of seeing the nights crystals I am greeted with its cry
Soft pelts of rain tumble through the nights breathe and land on my motionless body
The silence dies as the animal want to participate in the nights world.
They create songs that the night enjoys, never missing a beat.
I call them the songs of the forgotten as only the creations under the nights sky can hear them.
They are forgotten as man lay in their slumber unmoved and def
They are just left in the diminishing darkness of nights drape, where their songs ring unheard.
They have me though and I will tell of their song and share it with ones that have yet to listen.
for they will no longer be the forgotten but the unforgettable.

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