October 25, 2011
By Vita4444 BRONZE, Chester, Connecticut
Vita4444 BRONZE, Chester, Connecticut
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I am found in the darkness as I lie
away from the sounds I sigh
the tunnel gets smaller as I try to get away
it brings back the sorrows of yesterday
where can my escape be found
I try to look but I still hear no sound
it makes no sense to fell this way
I have been given everything but here I lay
I have been handed gold and glory from man
but there is nothing that blows away the darkness like a fan
the shining of the gold might scare it away
but I know it will be back another day
so here I am cold and still
the darkness feasting on my will
but I cannot give up for that would be a waste
of the puppet show I hold in my case
I will prove to darkness that I can stand
holding out my withering hand
I will run this terrifying show
for where ever I go
I will make the light flow.

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