Seven to Admire,Understand, and forget...

October 25, 2011
Love is... We don't have words,
it can be seen in a bird.
Doves in love,
so happy an snug.
But do we go a step to far,
love turns into tar.
By eating to many sweets,
does everything need a tweak?

Produce is survival,
but is it reliable?
Does the next finest dish,
turn into a old habit we miss.
Or are they hungry for revenge,
I wonder how minds been tinned.

I don't want to get up,
if I do all erupt.
Let me go back to sleep,
and all count my sheep.
We need to move,
consistent colors, hued.
But all stay home,
in my comfy throne.

She's so beautiful,
He's so handsome.
If only I was you,
then maybe I wouldn’t be so blue.
All just be a clone,
just will know my different tone.
Being myself never works,
so my life finds a new trail to lurk.

Money, Money Money.
It buys you everything, power, supplies, shelter.
What happens when its all gone?
Will you be gone with it?
or is that another snip-it?
So another lawyer is here,
I wonder what cases he fears.

I'm the best at what I do!
And no one can beat the best.
Will you calm down into your nest.
Or are you simply “blessed”?
Not another word,
please I wish to not be absurd.

My sword cuts deeper.
My bullet goes farther.
My fist is a auto-crusher.
All your life you learned how to assassinate.
But now life is at a procrastinate.
Cause you learned how to be a freight train,
now you need to be tamed.

Seven so commonly used,
Seven that some acknowledge,
Seven to to dispose in the existence of time.

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