The Perfect Guy

October 25, 2011
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I hear him, his smooth voice sending feverish chills up my spine.
I see his bright, smiling face and the entire world stops for a second.
When we connect eyes, I need him to be mine.

The last bell rings and I stroll out the room.
He stops me by the exit and says hello.
He asks me if I understood the class today.
Because he needs help and if he may,
ask me for some help and in return, take me to dinner.
My hearts stops and we connect eyes once more,
I don’t even have to answer before
he grabs my books and escorts me out the door.

The cool, autumn air rushes against my face
as we stroll along a path of red and orange leaves.
We chat about our classes, teachers, and friends,
we talk about our families and laugh about the good times we had.

I stop by my dorm and take my books,
he starts to turn to me and gives me a look.
I remember his deal and blush with embarrassment.
We set the date and he walks away,
my heart fluttering with each step he takes.

When I see him again his smile blinds me and stops my heart.
He pulls me into a light hug and I smile in joy.
We go over the class curriculum and he seems to understand.
The question is if he understands how I feel for him, if he can sense our connection.
As we make plans for dinner, a tinge of excitement fills my mind.
He leaves and I lay on my bunk to unwind.

I open the door and he hugs me close,
I smell his sweet cologne against my nose.
He takes a step back and looks me over,
and he shakes his head when I ask him what’s the matter.
He claims he’s the luckiest person in the world to bring me to dinner.
The blood rushes to my face and I blink my eyes,
only to find the perfect guy.

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