Air Guitar

October 26, 2011
By LT.Mckay BRONZE, San Tan Valley, Arizona
LT.Mckay BRONZE, San Tan Valley, Arizona
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As I sat in my bed
Listening to music
I began to feel it
Feel it with my heart
The beat of the drums
The tone of the base
And the screaming voice
I hear that guitar
And close my eyes
Then begin to dream
Dream myself onto that stage
Imagining me
Strumming that very guitar
In my own imaginary hands
I feel the rush and excitement
The feeling of a rock star
This creates wild fantasies
For some, it may be rock, metal, or the classics
Either doesn't matter
As long as I imagine and strum that air guitar
Strum those thin strings with that plastic pic
Perhaps, I have none
The solo hits, and I get crazy
My hands strumming insanely
As the solo hit
When that last note for the solo is hit
I slow down and let the bass do his job
Moments later, I join in once again
Near the end
I am most excited
The point where its most intense
Which could be
When all the instruments are just played
Played by mad men
At this point
I would be strumming the air in a crazy manner
With my earplugs in and the mood I am in
I didn't realize that my parents had entered the room
When the finale ended and the song is over
I rested my hands and look up
The looks on their faces
“How embarrassing” I thought

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