Social Reject

October 26, 2011
By LT.Mckay BRONZE, San Tan Valley, Arizona
LT.Mckay BRONZE, San Tan Valley, Arizona
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I am a social reject
A person who has been denied by society
An outcast of the public eye
Driven to the point of insanity
I am strange to them
Pretty awkward too
My social skills are rusty
And only appeal to a small percentage of society
A small circle of friends is all I have
And all I wish to have
Being a social reject has its advantages
Not being involved with pop culture
Or the many things the social majority is into
Being a social reject can also have its disadvantages
As much as its advantages
It can have negative effects such as not fitting into society
Not knowing what everyone is into
And if you attempt to talk, it'll probably be wrong
And make you look bad
Society will then label you as a bigger reject
The ignorance can also have emotional effects
Such as depression
The depressed feeling of not being successful at making new friends
Or attempting to regain your status in society
Over time, I have gotten used to it
And it is a part of me now
My circle of friends, strange ways, and interests
Have created who I am today
If I am not a social reject
Then who am I really?
I have now adapted to the life of a social reject
And it has had certain positive effects
Physically and emotionally
I have stood out of the crowd
The black sheep of the herd
Being a social reject Has made me realize
That I don't want to be the majority part of society
I have seen myself as above the majority of the people
I have predicted my future to be better than theirs
These are the positive feelings that has been created
Created inside me, for I am unique
I will forever be a social reject
And am proud of it

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