Not Even

October 26, 2011
By mimigirl PLATINUM, Martinsville, Indiana
mimigirl PLATINUM, Martinsville, Indiana
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"have the courage to live anyone can die"

You said "Dont yell"
I looked at you with surprise in my dont understand..
You cant see that im yelling not to be a selfish child...Im yelling to feel like I have some voice in this world
Im alone and I cant seem to reach out to you and show you I need you
Maybe your ignoring the soft sounds of my tears falling on the pillow next to yours...Maybe you cant feel the hollow thump of a wounded heart sinking in my chest
Your the one I want to know these things...I want you to talk to me more than just about the ****ing weather and your hair..I want to have your arms wrap around me and feel safe,not needing to worry about what must come next....I want more than someone I have to entertain...I want....more
I need someone who will show me my value and tell me everyday
I dont care that you think this makes you feel silly....Is emotion really something that deserves to be laughed at?not everything is solved with a kiss here or there not everything...not even most

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