Breaking Down To The River

October 27, 2011
Roses are red and violets are blue
when I hear you
You cut me down
I feel so empty
It makes me ashamed of who I am
When I see you
I can't help but break down
Every time I try to say I Love You
I just don't know If I can
When I hear you
I can't be with you
I break down every time I hear your rhyme
it makes me break down
I look down to the dark blue flowing river and watch my tears flow
along the river and never heard once again
You cut down like a uselessness piece of nothing
Has all this time been a game to a rhyme I can't seem to understand why
I turn and look and I see you and I wait around for you
No ever again you say You Love Me but ain't the truth?
All I seem to be able do is break down and watch my tears flow away like
They never meant a thing to either us.
I turn away and take a great big breath and dive into the river side and I am never seen again or heard
and It's all silent and quite now it's goodbye for night.

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