That Fateful Night

October 27, 2011
By Carli14 SILVER, Batavia, Ohio
Carli14 SILVER, Batavia, Ohio
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Greg had black hair and eyes that matched.
He was about 6'2, but he looked much taller.
Greg was pale and slim all around,
he looked like he hadn't eaten in weeks.
He was 36, but his face showed that it
had been through more than 36 years of experiences.
He wasn't your normal ghost,
oh no,
Greg hated the old, dark, dusty
and forgotten about houses that most lived in.
He liked the bright, new, modern houses
with people in them and everything.
There was only one downfall
to being in houses with the living,
you had to wait for when the house was empty
or when everyone was sleep to wander around.
The Council, made of some of the oldest ghosts,
didn't wanted any more exposure than they already had.
Ghost Whisperer anyone?
It wasn't that there weren't advantages to being known,
There were, but the disadvantages were greater.
Yup, you got it, Paranormal Activity.
Never, ever has there been this much exposure.
And they got it right,
well most of it.
Ghosts, or spirits if you will, do love to be around people
The horrible things people think we make them do,
Are completely their own issues.
But back to Greg,
He loved, more than a normal ghost,
To be around people, especially children.
It was probably because he died going to the hospital,
To see his new born twins and his wife.
He never did get the chance to hold them,
But he goes to see them all the time.
It was the night of Halloween,
Everyone was walking around in their costumes,
Handing out candy or partying.
Greg was looking at the costumes,
Thinking about how next year it would be him,
Taking his babies around,
On their birthday to trick-or-treat.
It was then, at that moment,
That Greg hit a pumpkin.
He lost control of the car,
Almost immediately he hit telephone pole.
The last thing Greg could remember from that night,
Were the decorations that covered the pole.

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