What running means to me

October 27, 2011
By Anonymous

ringing in my ears. It is the rush of the other girls closing in around me. It is the pain in my side. It is the voice in my head telling me to just give up and quit. It is the sweat dripping off of my ears. It’s the wind trying to push me back, It is the roar of the crowd when you sprint the final stretch. It is the cup of water waiting after the line. It is the feeling of not being able to stand up after you finish. It is the tear of the bottom of my tag. It is the waiting for my teammates to come through the shoot. It is the walk back to the tent to take off our spikes. It is doing our cool-down on the way to tell our guys good luck. It is going back to find the headband I threw into the grass. It is running to find where the results are posted. It is the worry about how you did while looking for your name. It is the rush of seeing 20:25 next to your name and realizing you just ran a new P.R. and took 38 seconds off of your old P.R. it is the curiosity of how you opponents did. It is the cheering for you guys as they run by. It is racing to the line to watch hem finish. It is the good job as you help them find some water. It is the team talks as we eat/drink and pack our belongings. It is the long walk to find the bus. It is the nap on the way home. It is the feeling of accomplishment. Now, what does running mean to you?

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