The day I told you

October 23, 2011
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The day I told you

I was mortified
I knew you would say that
I know you

But I had to tell you for me
I wasn’t going to stop until I told you
I don’t know why

But I left out some things that night:

I cried every night over you for months
I couldn’t except the gifts because it reminds me of you
Each time you talked my heart broke a little more

Every time we fought I died a little more inside
Every time we ignored each other I felt like I could black out at anytime
Every time I saw you I could tell what you were thinking

Every time I saw or heard your name I’d cry

Every time we touched up against each other my I thought you could hear my heart

You may think oh my gosh
But don’t I’m done now
Now that I’ve told you most of it

But I will always remember everything that happened between us and I’m sorry

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