What We Fight For

October 22, 2011
Red white and blue
Stars and stripes
One nation under God
This is what we fight for
We fight for equality
We fight for liberty
We fight for justice
We fight for our country

But what do we gain?
Do we gain equality?
Do we gain liberty?
Do we gain justice?
We gain enemies

“Enemies” across the world
That’s what gets are focus
Not the enemies in our schools
Not the enemies on our streets
Not the enemies in our homes
Not the enemies in our country
But the enemies across the world

There is never a winner in war
Not when both sides lose
We lose friends
We lose families
We lose ourselves
Our country is not invincible
We can and will lose

And for what?
Justice, liberty, equality
One nation under God
Stars and stripes
Red white and blue
This isn’t gained
This is all lost
When our soldiers are sent off to war

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