October 22, 2011
I look out over the water, the wind blowing my hair
the leaves are falling from the trees and and cold settles in the air
the clouds move quick, like white puffy pillows
i sit here alone in the willows.
i am always alone. no friends, no one
God has made nature and the sun
i wonder why no one likes me
do i need to get on my knees and plead?
i hate life today
my birthday has come and gone but i got no Hooray!
no one talking to me. no one laughing with me
no lseep overs, no shopping sprees
Is this what it will always be like?
Do i have to ride through life alone on my bike?
Alone with no one to hold me? No one to love me? No one to warm me in the cold? Shall I always be this forlorn?
I guess that's the way it will always be. For me to be...Alone

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