October 23, 2011
I fell asleep underneath that palm tree.
I fell tired of fighting, fighting to be free.

I woke up to the sly cat today,
it's eyes staring then quickly walking away.

In my mind, it doesn't end there.
In my eyes, it continues to stare.

Jumping up, I know it has a lesson to teach.
It holds knowledge just beyond my reach.

As the cat beckons me to move it's way,
I don't hesitate, I don't want to stay.

As we walk, I notice it's fearless stride.
I know very quickly, it has nothing to hide.

With every step the sky grows darker,
With every step, the walk becomes harder.

But the cat presses on, it's fur shining in the moonlight.
I realize what it's teaching me tonight.

There are always things you are going to fight,
But you must walk on, following your light.

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