Woe Is Me

October 22, 2011
By Simply,Savannah GOLD, Picayune, Mississippi
Simply,Savannah GOLD, Picayune, Mississippi
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"Do not go where the path may lead.. Go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail" -Emerson

“Woe is me” cries the little girl
Alone a sleepless night
“Will anyone ever help
Me deal with such a fright”

“I fear beauty will never visit
A grotesque girl as me
Leading love to never shine it’s light
For a prince to see”

“Oh no” whispers that same teen
After years have come and gone
“Will I roam this land forever
Seeking looks and charm?”

“Amidst the seas of faces
I encounter every day,
None of them speak a word
Nor do they look my way”

“Please, Lord” prays the woman now
T’was once that young girl
“Please bless me father with splendor
That will captivate the world”

“I long to be admired,
Gazed at with envied eyes.
Beauty is the only thing I need,
To awaken loves surprise”

“Woe is me” cries the elderly woman
Realizing her mistake,
“What a shallow life I have led.
Skin deep was all I faced.”

“Now as I lay alone in bed
Wrinkled, worn, and tattered,
I realize that outward appearance
Never truly mattered”

“Such a shame” mumbles an old man
At the woman’s funeral
“I don’t think I ever had the chance
To tell that lady she was beautiful.”

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