The Weekend Trilogy

October 19, 2011
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I locked myself into my prison
Sentenced wrongfully
at least in my eyes
In my mind, I'm genuinely innocent
but this is not the first time
and each and every time before, I feel the same
but why then does this keep happening?
And I can hear the words of my sentencers
Down below
Pain inflicting.

Friday, 14th October

You only see it your way, why?
No consideration for my thoughts and opinions
It's always won by who can shout louder
and I've no authority to shout at you
and your side-kick developing his opinions and ignorant thoughts
based on your biased word.
This hasn't changed my life
Nothing's gonna change my world
Only our thoughts and opinions.
Saturday, 15th October

Stories changed and words twisted
One differed decision and this story would be different
My eyes are still wet
I'm still upset
I know now I'm not all right but I'm certainly not all wrong
They still haven't conceded their part.
Tomorrow, I leave my prison for a few hours
To school I'll go
Although down, I'll attempt to go on as normal
And put a false face on.
Sunday, 16th October

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