My brother

October 19, 2011
By Dakota-James BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Dakota-James BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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You are long Sunday and Monday nights,
Watching the Packers smash all the other competition,
Or your favorite wrestler slams their opponent.

You are the brother bear that every cub trying to survive should have,
The one that can act like a father to not only their own kin,
But even their siblings.

You are a football flying in the air,
Spiraling to the arms of the receiver.
Playing catch or setting up a game to smear the other team.

You are the brick wall that seems to withstand a hurricane.
No matter how much wind or how many blows you get,
You still end up standing solid.
Got a few bricks loose but still can hold your own self together.

You are the crazy one on top of that barn roof,
Ready to set up the targets,
Unaware that you’re a target yourself.

You are the packer fan that is true to your team.
Whether they do good or bad,
You still root for the green and gold.

You are the image of Eminem,
Every CD you could ever hear of
You seem to know it or have.

You are the tasty pepperoni pizza,
Fresh from the oven,
The scrumptious Tombstone pizza
With the thick crust and extra pepperonis.

You are the brother that no matter how bad we fight,
I’ll still love you till we grow old,
And I forget how much older you are then me.

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