It Gets Better

October 19, 2011
By coolcat01 GOLD, Pontefract, Other
coolcat01 GOLD, Pontefract, Other
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Don’t wanna keep it going
Coz you feel your heart slowing
As the blade edges nearer
And you see everything clearer

Tears that run and hope that sways
Making you this twisted way
Never again will they tease
Coz this is the last time you will bleed

Won’t let them see the pain they cause
You won’t let them see your flaws
Coz now the blade is calling your end
And you know there’s no need to pretend

But please listen to my words letter by letter
You just need to know that it does get better
Don’t listen to their words, listen to your heart
They just try to confuse and tear you apart

See them when they, so pathetically, fall
Remember the names they used to call
Well look at them now see their lies
And now watch them as they cry

Look it’s your choice now do you help
Or do you rip open their wounds hear them yelp
Are you going to forgive them and live your life?
Or will you cause them to relive your strife

Let me just tell you revenge gets you no where
Just show them that you don’t care
What they think or what they do
Because you simply want to be you

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