My Forbidden Past

October 28, 2011
By Chess1993 BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
Chess1993 BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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In a dark dirty basement,
A little girl awakens,
To the cries of her brother.
Who is being beaten by their drunken father.
She tries to make herself invisible,
As her father begins to yell for her.
If someone was to see,
The frightened and horrified, look on her
Dirty, pale and tear stained face, would
Have been his doom.
But that was not to be.
He spots her hiding in the corner,
He stumbled to her,
Yanked her by the hair up to her feet.
As the string of profanity escaped his lips.
She cried out,
As the punches landed on her slim three year old body.
She screamed louder and louder,
As the beating continued.
Her pleas for help were finally answered.

The door to their apartment burst open,
As the police entered and led her father away.
A little old lady entered the room.
It was the crippled old lady who lived above them.
A police officer took her brothers limp body to an ambulance.
She was led by another younger officer to the same ambulance.
She looked up at the officer,
With her thumb in her mouth and wide, fear filled eyes.
He looked down on her with kind, gentle eyes. As the ambulance drove away, all of the officers got into their cars,
But one.
The one who had took her form her prison cell,
Stood still, tears flowing down his cheeks.
He looked up and saw her looking at him
And smiled.
After she had been cleaned and bandaged up,
Sitting in a little room she shared with her brother.
She heard voices outside the hall arguing.
Scared, she hugged her new teddy to her body.
The door opened slowly to reveal the officer who had been crying.
He stood tall and proud in his uniform,
Next to a pretty, blond young woman.
The kind couple smiled at them.
The little girls’ eyes were filled with tears,
As the couple came and explained to them,
That the twins were to go home with them.
They said something about papers being singed by her father,
But their three year old minds could not comprehend.
She walked hand and had with the officer,
Her brother being led in a wheelchair by a nurse to the squad car.
Three months later, clothed in a white dress and white tux,
The twins were part of a new family.
Both twins and their new parents were beaming with joy.
So happened the story of a rescued little girl.

The author's comments:
This story is based on I went through before I was adopted. Though I was only 3 when taken out of such a family (none of us where twins though) at such a young age, I still remember such events as described in this poem.

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It's terrible what you had to go through!!! I'm so glad that you end up rescued... but God was watching over you hun. Stay strong, and keep writing.

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