Effects of Poverity

October 28, 2011
By Chess1993 BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
Chess1993 BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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A single mother,
Who’s not quite twenty,
Out there on her own.
Her husband left her long ago.
Since then, her heart has been broken,
By many men galore.
With one beautiful baby boy to care for,
Poverty has hit her hard.
With shabby, dirty clothes,
And filthy hands and faces.
She can barely feed herself,
Much less a stray dog she loves.
The baby is sleeping restlessly,
For he is as hungry as can be.
They are Homeless as much as homeless can be.
The wind is blowing,
Making them cold,
In their little cardboard box.
The people passing by,
Are as busy as a bee,
And have no time,
To share a dime.
Oh, the effects of poverty,
Oh the effects of poverty.

One night is was storming,
Rain making the box all soggy.
She watches as a car pulls to the front of the box.
A man gets out of the car,
And slowly approaches them.
It was the man she had seen,
That very morning,
Handing out flyers,
For some homeless shelter,
Down on Country Road.
That he had built for girls like her.
And he says, “Come with me to a little home by the brook,
Where my wife and I will take care of you and your family.”
She hesitantly accepted,
Not willing to trust,
A man again,
She chose to trust,
This one last time.
And they all got into the car.
He drove slowly to the home.
The home was plain and simple,
With a white paddock out back.
He says, “In the Spring,
The garden is my favorite place.
With roses and lilies fragrance in the air,
The fountains in the middle of the flowers,
The birds chirping in the spring.
This is a great place for you to come to.”
They got out of the vehicle
He went and took her hand,
His hand was very tan and very warm,
While hers was cold and pale.
Then the man led her to the door,
He walked straight on in,
And called for Ann,
Ann came running.
He said, “Here’s our first family,
To love and to care for.”
She smiled warmly,
Ann’s eyes shone like stars.
So the young couple,
Took them in their home.
With no care of how they smelled or looked,
Just caring about how they can care.
Because of this couple,
This family was changed forever.
Oh, the effects of love,
Oh, the effects of love.

The author's comments:
I hope that the reader realizes that the life of a homeless person is not an easy life. People ignore them and pretend that they are not there. This is a poem about a women and her child who are taken in by a caring man and wife. I pray that this poem inspires people to take action.

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