Super Fly

October 28, 2011
By liter BRONZE, Milton, Kentucky
liter BRONZE, Milton, Kentucky
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Ok… I’m the 618, the new but also the future, I’ll for sure tell it to ya

I be racin, I be killin em like Freddy and Jason, there ain’t no need for all the pacin boy, but yea ima just keep on racin.

Shout out to my cousin Big J aka Jason over there fightin for our freedom in Afghanistan, but na we ain’t fightin Pakistan.

Anyway I just be chasin, throwin the dirt on ya, Team Kaos just put the hurt on ya, girls flirt with the…….yea you heard with the race champ, and uh yea I hit them jumps like crazy man, but na I ain’t lazy, I’m ambitious, I’m viscous, with my bike I rip the dirt into pieces, and I’ll eat ya like reeses pieces, but always remember to thank Jesus for forgiving our sins, but now the bears go to their dens, Goodnight!
Haha yep, that’s right.

Thank You.

The author's comments:
its about motocross

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