A Lost Love

October 28, 2011
By IneshaZhanelleB BRONZE, Lanham, Maryland
IneshaZhanelleB BRONZE, Lanham, Maryland
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What if I apologize for the lies I once told
The true story to unfold
Your heart beat was fast
Now the beats are slow
I guess it's cause your over the pain I once drowned you with
No longer the queen you once crowned me with
You were drifting slowly but I didn’t notice
Lying through my smile like you didn’t know this
But if I knew you were going to be gone like you were never here
And your smile and undying love for me would disappear
I would’ve held you forever and erased every tear
Can’t even begin to explain
How losing everything makes room for the pain
And it’s said to say
Seeing you happy with her eats at me everyday

The author's comments:
Teenagers often think their in love. i wrote this poem to tell a story of a teenage heart break. Teenagers will experience empathy from reading this because they can put their self in the girls place.

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