Safe Spot:

October 27, 2011
By Anonymous

There’s a whole world,
Filled with light and tears,
People and dreams,
Love and fears.

Respect and dishonor,
Smiles and pain,
Anger and calm,
Sunshine and rain.

There are good people and bad,
Abused and abusers,
Shy and loud,
Populars and losers.

There are those who laugh in the rain,
And mourn in the sun,
Turn gold into sadness,
And dirt into fun.

Those who cherish each moment,
And those who waste each of theirs,
Some who value each other,
Some without cares.

There are those who need help,
And others with advice,
Some follow the rules,
The others pay the price.

There’s the pretties, the uglies,
And those in between,
There are mothers and fathers,
Children and teens.

Some people value cheekbones,
And others dimpled cheeks,
Some people remain quiet,
And some people speak.

There’s the dancer, the singer,
The musician, the artist,
There’s the one that never tries,
And the one who tries hardest.

Some people do the hurting,
Others show the love,
Some would rather shy behind,
Than show what they’re made of.

…but in this crazy world,
You are the one,
That saves me each time,
And shows me the sun.

You smile at me,
And I smile back,
When I run away
You get me back on the track.

I’ll always have my safe spot,
When everything’s crazy,
And you MUST remember,
You’ll always have me!

The author's comments:
This one's for my best friend. i love you :)

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