Stress Is Now Gone Life's Easier (single)

October 24, 2011
They say love is the key, well somebody changed the lock.
I reminisce on all those good times, but I still remember why we fought.
It's crazy how we stayed together through all that bad weather. But I put two and two together, that;s why we didn't last four-ever.
Honestly, you can love or hate me, cause no matter what, I stay hate free.
I'm a different person now after all that I've been through. I've learned alot, I guess I should actually thank you.
We were young and in love, I still remember how it felt. Things happen, just look at the cards we were dealt.
They say life is a gamble, well it's my casino. Just know you can't play me, I keep my heart on the down-low.
I had all that weight on my shoulders, but it's been lifted. Our love was like a gift, and yeah we were gifted.
I still got love for you, just don't come around me.
I'm alot happier now, because the single life found me.

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