October 24, 2011
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I got refused by someone I liked really much
She obviously didn’t want my touch
It’s no hunch, she will never go with me on lunch
Or whatever
It’s all for her never
She ain’t clever turning everyone down
Making them frown
Well she ain’t world renown,
Ain’t wearing no crown Or owning the town
If she continues that way she might be alone one day
Sitting by the bay With no one to say hey by her side
A person to confide, To have nothing to hide
To be with her until the end of the ride

Maybe shell pick up an idiot
A controllable stupid idiot
Who will fulfil all her wishes
Do her dishes, feed her fishes
While she relaxes because he pays her taxes
And sends the faxes needed for a good life
But that ain’t possible with this kind of girl
She will f*** you with a knife
If you don’t want to jive by her rules
Only made for fools
Just to become one of her tools

When I didn’t pay her attention
She seemed interested in my complexion
She sticked around, Waiting to be found
Not being pushed to the ground
For her I was bound to be her hound
But I didn’t react to her calls
That echoed through these halls
But didn’t pass my walls
Until one time I saw what a crime I've done
I tried to make it gone
But on that road was a cone
Heavy as a bone
Because of which she left me alone
Threw me like a stone
She changed her tone
I know a moan
Isn’t going to fix the loan
I owe to her
Or bring her back
I sensed a lack,
A hole in the sack
A crack because of which she won’t sit up on my rack
As a trophy...
No, not as that!
I wouldn’t have treated her like a hat
Just to be worn to gain respect
And actually you’re a suspect
In the eyes of others
Isn’t that which bothers?
They see us as goners
Might end up as loners

I swear I’ll keep running her race
She is so easy to trace
But hard to chase
I’ve lost a lot of days
I’ve changed my ways
I’ve went through a phase
I wanted her love erased
But hope stayed and didn’t want to fade
Of all the errors I made
The biggest was putting her up for trade
Now I only hope
Someone didn’t steal my dope
You cope?
She was my addiction
Now she’s in someone else’s diction
I’m too late
I don’t want to accept my fate
Or the current state
I don’t want to wait to be with her on straight
I want her to open the gate and agree for a date
Just as friends, No strings attached
I won’t be deranged
By our past enraged
I just want her in my life
Maybe not as my love, But as my friend she will thrive

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