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October 24, 2011
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I liked you
You pushed me away
Thought I might stay
I wanted to stay
But others kept me away
Their presence was in the way
They forced me to stay
And I didn't want to play
Because you hated that game
There was too much pressure
But at the end was a treasure
For both of us, a guilty pleasure
But society didn't want it to take measure
Maybe because of jealousy
Or just to make controversy
Make it look like a felony
To get me out of their society

We were beaten by this trickery
I wanted an easy victory
This didn’t come out properly
You were on a higher difficulty

I didn't give you enough attention
So this is my detention
So if you give me a little inspiration
You may be the lady of my mansion

I want you off my mind
But it’s hard to leave you behind
My mind wants to forget you
But my heart still loves you
It was a pleasure for me to see you
And get a chance to talk to you
But now I fear your reactions
That come from my actions
Again you may push me away
And we'll never get to stay
That may not be never
I just want to get better
And not under the weather

I need a guiding light
To eliminate my fright
And save me when it’s tight
If you be my shining light
And vanish the blight From my sight
I’ll be your guardian angel
Keeping you from danger
From anything or any face
At anytime, anyplace
Also your best friend
Wiping tears off your face

You like serious guys
That i realised
I try to be serious
But it’s more fun being unserious
It’s mysterious
Shifting personalities
Hiding your realities
Twist the mentality
To suit your individuality

You are ashamed of me
I am ashamed of you
We’re on the same page too
Alone you talk to me
In company you despise me
Because your friends try to frame me
Try to destroy me
And i don’t give a damn about that
I leave it at that
I don’t base my actions
To suit their reactions
But for you it’s the contrary
Their judgement is mandatory
You’d jump for them from the 10th story
So they won’t fill you with worry
Well I won’t take any action
I fear their reaction
They don't see me as substantial
Because i won't dedicate my action
To suit their faction

I have wasted my love
So you can watch from above
And give everyone a shove
With the white glove
But you won’t accept it
You feel ashamed by it
In our surroundings
They treat us like houndlings

I want you out of my system
So i can truly glisten
So i won’t be distanced
To my former self
A happier, careless self
I don’t want to see you
It reminds me of what i could've done with you
But we know others didn’t want that to show
So they made it blow
And i let them go

Now you are in someone else’s hands
I think he'll strip your pants,
Make you dance
And you’ll fall in a trance
Obsessed by his appearance
But i can see from a distance
He just wants a safe clearance
Because he's no new to you
He cheated on you
And pleaded to return to you
Maybe he'll treat you right
We’ll see that throughout the night
Out of fright you stay tight
As he gets rid of the blight
But in your romantic height
He might leave you without might
As he did the last time
This may be false news
But if it’s real you have to choose
Who will win and who will lose
Love is a game of fools
Only if you don’t respect the rules

I’ve given away my thoughts
And yet i got nothing in response
I hoped it would hit you in the heart
Like a dart
But it’s nothing like that part
This majestic work of art
Deserves a piece of your heart
To thank me
Or slap me
Maybe kiss me
Who knows...?
Well you don’t!

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