Up, up , and away .

October 24, 2011
By Shaunarae BRONZE, Barrigada, Other
Shaunarae BRONZE, Barrigada, Other
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Up, up and away. The only place i'd stay.
The place where everything i see "my way." Where i know that everythings gonna be okay.
The feelings that i had yesterday ,dont seem to matter today.
Cause im up , up , and away.

The problems that i had daily , never mattered when im up,up, and away.
Cause ive been up there daily , lately.
You cant see see it , but i'll tell you i feel it.
Which is why i chose to do it , to take it and then toke it . Pull it til i know almost on that rocket ship.
Ready to go up, up , and away.

Its aint something to be proud of , or not even to live off of . Its just like a temporary thing to enjoy and only suddenly love. But when its all done .
You realize your back to reality.
The problems you had yesterday , you suddenly feel today.
As if you had not strength to your struggles , or get by to get to something you love .

Thats why i say , You dont see it , but we feel . Which is why sometimes we'd rather stay " Up , up and away."

Far, from where you all want us to stay.

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