Lost Without You

October 23, 2011
By foreveralex143 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
foreveralex143 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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That's what I feel inside

Everything is gone
There's only pain

Pain's the only thing I know
All the time
There's nothing left

He's taken everything
My heart and the other half of our soul
Our soul

Love can't describe what I feel
Feel for him
It's more than that
So much more it hurts

It kills
It makes my heart break
It makes my chest collapse

I'm tired
Sick and tired
Of pain
Of crying

But the want
The need
Is much too strong for me

I need him as I need air
Breathe your breath in me
Make me come alive

Take me
Take me as yours
That's all I want to be

I need you
To need me
To want me
To love me

Help me
Save me
Set me free

The author's comments:
I hope to connect with people that are going through a terrible break up. I want them to know that they aren't alone.

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