Mockingbirds Don't Sing

October 22, 2011
By Brick BRONZE, Conway, Arkansas
Brick BRONZE, Conway, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
"It's always wrong to hate, but it's never wrong to love." --Lady Gaga

Part I:

Love is an endless journey
That lasts forever, never
Ending in its search for a
Place to call home.

Part II:

Fear is the epitome of all
The nightmares and horrors
We face in our daily lives.
Fear is infinite, it will never leave.

Part III:

Horror is the root of all happiness;
For when one releases themselves
From the pain and suffrage of life,
Don’t they find pure, unshatterable joy?

Part IV:

Never is not a measure of time,
Because the heart beats in syncopation
With the tick-tock of the clock;
Never isn’t a number on the wheel of time.

Part V:

Safety is lost when the bullet breaks.
One cannot judge another though,
By the passion in his guns barrel.
If they do, their judgment comes soon.

Part VI:

Hearts break easier than tempered glass.
At first, a crack, but then it’s black.
Nothing can put a broken heart back together,
Because the pieces change like the weather.

Part VII:

Life is made of threads of fabric
And each thread is a human hanging
In the balance of life and eternal pain.
When hanging on, it’s almost a game.

Part VIII:

A soul by any other name is a lost man.
Couldn’t you see the faces in the sand?
As each soul is slowly shattered in two,
They’re dispersed about in piles of woe.

Part IX:

Desire is what some will consider to be
The fall of all good men today we see.
When one is faced with a penultimate decision,
They’ll always choose the choice with direct collision.

Part X:

The end is always but never near, for it
Escapes when you try to hold it dear.
Like life, love, death, and pain,
The ending escapes you, as if it were rain.

The author's comments:
This poem is about everything; and yet nothing.

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