Media is controlling us

October 22, 2011
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Why do we allow ourselves to be controlled by lies?
Do we really find comfort in the materialistic ideas or is it a symbol of our escape from reality
why do we hide our true identity by pretending to be something we are not?
We cake our faces with makeup, gel our hairs, curl our hairs, straighten our hair, and buy expensive clothes we cannot afford with a swipe of a card?
Why have our world become so difficult for the deserving, determined, and the ones with knowledge
Why do we find our role models in models, athletes, and actors, and actresses?
Do we not know that these figures portrayed by the media are unrealistic
Maybe we want to be part of that click (in-crowd)
Why not glorify scientists, doctors, astronauts, teachers, and mathematicians?
These are the ones who save our lives, advance our world, and give us knowledge
Why don’t we place them in magazines, news channels, and place their posters in our room
Are we really that scared to achieve something higher than ourselves then revolving ourselves in fantasy?

Girls trying to be super models, why not dream of becoming a novelist or professor
Boys trying to be athletes, why not dream of becoming an engineer
Girls trying to portray themselves as materialistic symbols, why not be modest and preserve your dignity

Boys trying to be macho, why not stand up to being a better man who others look up to
Why do we allow media place us into a demeaning category; girls seen as ditzy pretty objects and boys as dumb jocks who use women
Why do we not respect ourselves to be better human beings?

Why do we place super models above all women, and athletes above all males?
Why do not categorize women in education, success, and leaders
why do we not categorize males into respectable figures who do not lie, cheat and gamble?
If we learn to answer these questions, we will be able to break the barriers into a stepping stone to reality

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