Love At First Sight

October 22, 2011
By Krbj33 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
Krbj33 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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I’ve Said It Tons Of Times Before That “It Was Love At First Sight” And It Turned Out To Be A Lie
But This Time Was Different The Moment I Laid My Eyes On You My Heart Flew Away Like It Was A Scared Lost Fly.
Something About You Was Different And I Couldn’t Help My Self But To Smile,
I Got A Weird Feeling Inside My Body That Lasted For About Awhile.
I Wanted To Say Hello But Nothing Could Manage To Come Out Of My Head,
All I Could Do Was Think About The Beautiful Girl That Is Just Standing Ahead.
I Thought You Were Just A Drop Off Parent But Turned Out You Were My New Employee,
My Day Instantly Got Better Knowing You Were Going To Always Be Around Me.
Days Went On And I Got To Know Almost Everything About You,
A Crush Began To Form And I Couldn’t Help But To Try And Talk To You.
Seeing Your Goofiness And Your Smile Everyday Just Kept My Week Going Great,
The Moment I Looked Into Your Pretty Blue Eyes It Was Like You Were My Perfect Soul Mate.
We Have Our Cute And Funny Moments And That Always Seems To Complete My Day,
If Love Didn’t Play A Part Of This Then I Would Not Know What Else To Say!
So Is This Love At First Sight? Or Am I Just Getting Teased Again?
Or Is This Cupid Shooting Me With An Arrow Telling Me We Should Be More Than Friends?
If It Was My Choice I Would Have Already Swept You Off Your Feet,
Wouldn’t Think Twice About It, I Wouldn’t Even Need To Sleep.
So What Started Off As My New Employee Turned Out To Be My Wonderful First Perfect Date,
Everything About You I Love And This Love Mystery Is Turning Out Good Like It Was Just Magic Or What Someone Would Call “Fate”.

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