No One In This World I See But Me

October 22, 2011
By Anonymous

Who To Run To? Where Do I Go To Hide? Who Do I Open Up To? Which One Of My Friends Will Ride?
Do I Tell Someone? Or Keep It Inside? Do I Run Away And Get Rid Of It All With A Simple Good Bye?
What Do I Do? I Need A Conclusion But Can't Seem To Find One? My Life Is Getting Harder I Wish I Could Try Another One!
It’s Me, My Self, And I And I Feel Like I’m Out Here In This World Alone,
Nobody Around To Talk To, Nobody But My Own.
I Feel Like I Should Let It All Out But Something Just Keeps It Inside,
I Take It Out On Other People Even When I Know It’s Not Right.
Being Depressed Is One Thing But Feeling Like You Want To End Your Life Is Just Crazy,
I’m Out Here In This World Alone Feeling Like I Need To Start My Life Over As A Baby.
Some Days I’m Just Mad And Some Days I Just Want To Cry,
But I Put On A Fake Smile Everyday Wishing It Will All Go Away And My Thoughts Would Die.
But I Guess No Matter How You Are Or Act On The Outside There’s Always Something Inside You Need to Let Go,
Because The Longer You Keep It There The Longer That Problem Will Continue To Grow.

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