Forget Me Love, Never

October 21, 2011
By thenameless BRONZE, Flagstaff, Arizona
thenameless BRONZE, Flagstaff, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
Beauty of whatever kind in its supreme development invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears

I love you

I love you like fireflies love seeing the sunsets go behind the hazy horizon, so they can flutter through stars and shed that green glow

I love you like a wildflower loves the rays of the sun, not knowing how cold it had been in winter until it felt the heat of the fire

I love you like a cat loves fresh kicking salmon when cat nip or a play thing with feathers and bells just won’t do it

I love you like when an unsuppressed child defeats the claw machine with an iron fist and wins a teddy bear, alien, dinosaur or whatever

I love you so much I’m setting the September rains on fire, making any upcoming winter or any kind of cold blizzard run away

Because with you in my life, I’m inventing new colors in my head

Because you had those forget-me-not eyes that made me brag to people, who would suddenly shrivel and rot with bitter jealousy

Because of you I know that every morning, when my alarm clock rings, and it’s going to be a terrible Monday, I rise and shine

Because you transform thought and sound and touch and taste into music in my life, so you must be a genius

You must be the most the world’s greatest second Einstein, thinking and telling things not of physicality, but of reality

You are the greatest maestro, writing music symbols, like hieroglyphics across tapestries that sing lullabies to battles and wars of hate

Bringing you, me, her, him, it, everyone, the world, the greatest romance they‘ll ever see, smashing us all in the arms of happiness

I’ll write about how much I care and admire you, and how much I miss you so much right now that I’ll write until the paper bleeds

You are so beautiful on the inside that someone will make a tribute to you by acrylic paint that’ll someday be next to the Mona Lisa

The altar I have of you in the walk in door closet of my heart is more vast and more magnificent than the shiny skyscrapers of New York

Have I mentioned how you never lied to me, because this, whatever this is that didn’t need to be labeled, didn’t need lipstick secrets

Have I mentioned you never treated me wrong, because you knew you would give your left leg for any length of time with me sharing a Coke or something

Have I mentioned how I loved it when you promised me that I would never see another ugly sunset again, after one bad day I had a long time ago

I love you, so don’t be shipwrecked on the terrifying thought of what will happen when our Highschool days are over, and we’ll be accidentally all grown up

It’ll be a surprise when that day comes, it’ll be sad when we didn’t mean to

But I will always I love you

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