These Tears...

October 21, 2011
I have always had an innate ability for expression.
According to many, the brightness of my smile was able to light up a room,
The sound of my voice was able to fill empty spaces,
And the warmth from my heart was able to spread from but a simple touch.
There is no longer an illuminated glow within me,
No longer a comfort within my laughter,
No longer a tenderness within my heart.
I have turned stone cold.

Sadness overwhelms and overflows my body each and everyday.
Its stabs at my heart,
My soul,
And my mind.
It laughs in the face of my suffering.
You may wish to inquire about the obstacles that trouble me,
But the vowels and consonants in the back of my throat
Can, and will, never form the words.

All that manages to leave my body doesn't escape from my lips,
But it does so from my eyes.
The small wet beads that travel down my cheek;
They initially say nothing.
But, if you are willing search for the emotion behind those droplets,
Each tear wishes to reveal it's individual ambiguity.
Each one come to say, not nothing,
But Everything.

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