my mask

you say that you know me then tell me can you see the anger my face dose not reveal.
do my eyes allows you to see the sadness i feel.
dose my shadow show you the loneliness i bear.
if you know me can you see the struggle within me heart.
can you feel the darkness that i wear.
my happiness that trickles though my fingers like sand.
or can you only see what i show you.
my fake smile. my choking laugh.
my still form listening to your voice.
that seem all you need.
that's all i give.
you never fight to know more.
you never tell me to stay.
so i walk away bearing a growing pain on i path i know all to well.
i ask you to see more then i show.
to break down the wall.
to earn my trust.
why should i ask when i wonder forever alone.

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