October 21, 2011
By Falgaia BRONZE, Port Allen, Louisiana
Falgaia BRONZE, Port Allen, Louisiana
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Comes from one who desires all.
Surpasses any empathy.
Drowns Human emotion.
Sights turned to material slop
That the Swine believes its shelter.

Comes from the other that lacks
As they look to their mate;
The Swine, overcome with Greed.
The other gives way to stealing,
Falls pray to grief.

Comes as the mud grows thicker.
The two rejoice in what little they own
But not as one.
As they drift apart,
The Snake emerges from his grave.

Comes with the sunset
As the nightmare moon begins its rise.
The pair starts seeing others.
The pigs retreat to foreign pens.
They sleep with the unclean,
Which they continue to become.

Comes overwhelming
As the two become untwined.
Writhing in their troughs,
They desire independence
Which leads onward, onward towards…

Comes with an assault
As the snake watches on
Waiting for his time to strike.
He lunges at both.
Blind with fury,
Neither notices.

Comes as both become subdued in turn
Swallowed by darkness,
They realize, as Death looms forward,
That they both knew how it would end.
Yet they have no remorse.

Beasts never do.

The author's comments:
I always was fascinated by the Seven Deadly Sins. So when my teacher wanted me to write a poem with some sort of allusion (preferably biblical) they just kind of flowed out. Part of it probably comes from being a fan of Full Metal Alchemist. For those who don't know, in FMA, some of the main bad guys were based off of the Seven Deadly Sins, with powers that corresponded with each (Envy was a shapeshifter, for instance). Pretty good show, and one I'd recommend watching.

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