training wheels

October 21, 2011
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when i was eight years old, helmet, kneepads, bicycle gloves, and in the desperate need of a butt pad..
zooming down the sidewalk in trainging wheels
over pavement chalk.
do you remember when youd get excited when you werent pedalling at a slant to the left or right?
i remember taking those off..
peddling, i closed my eyes shut. not wanting to look.
but i didnt fall down?
i opened my eyes,
slowly i turned around.
mommy, running along side me holding the seat.
"uhh mommy, you can let go of me"
she grinned as if she knew i would fall...
and i did.
falling into the grass,
straight onto my.. glass.
trial and error got me back on my feet.
i would be pedalling without my "glass" touching the seat.
and 8 years later,
i can still say "mommy, you can let go of me" and when she does, ill still fall to my knees. i wont have knee pads or a helmet...

i need those training wheels, or at least to live in the moment of them.

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