Can You Guess

October 27, 2011
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I have many names, but they all mean one, horrible thing,
Many, at first, believe that I am capable of being a mere fling.

I am a great danger, but still, I am used by many,
I will steal every dollar that you own; I will confiscate your every penny.

I’m an addiction, an easy one,
When you first ingest my scent, I may seem, simply fun.

I take children as prisoners, at their free, unknowing will,
Because of my addictiveness, you’ll forever crave my thrill.

I tear families into pieces; I will continuously steal all that they own,
I will create, from those who simply try me once, a precise clone.

I cannot be stopped, even though I hide from parents, and run from the authorities,
Where can you find me? I’ll likely be at any high school party.

I’m the same as a disease; I have not one cure,
I am a threat to everyone’s life, young or old, so many fear.

You’ll fall in love with me now,
You’ll still crave me when I tear you down, try to live without me, and you won’t know how.

I sneak my way around the world’s many rules and laws,
Had enough? Be patient, I have hundreds of flaws.

I’ll tell you that I’m proud to admit of having such a devastating impact,
Did you know that I’ll brainwash you? That’s one of my favorite facts!

I don’t acknowledge your age, or who you may be,
Just be prepared to pay my costly fee.

Day in and day out, I take yet another victim,
I accept disagreements, I’m accustomed to criticism.

To me, this isn’t wrong,
I know not that definition, so that word, please, don’t dare to mention.

I hardly sleep, and I don’t have the need to eat,
I’m that mountain that you can’t climb, that imperfection you can’t successfully beat.

Under my influence, I will give you a day to remember, almost anything may occur,
Are you ready to try me? By now, you should be sure.

I’m very proud of every moment that I fill someone’s mind with racing thoughts and lies,
I can easily tolerate the painful cries.

Still intrigued? Here’s my best feature yet; I will most likely bring you to your death.
To learn more, it’s simple… Try me; my most common name is crystal meth.

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